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Welcome to the Home Page of Ultimate Hobby Homes Limited(Our new Website is presently under construction however please have a look at our Company Overview below and should you require any futher information please contact us via the "Email Link" or contact information on the "Contact Us" page)Ultimate Hobby Homes Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales and incorporated on the 19th of September 2011 under the companies act of of 2006We specialise in the design and manufacture of standard off-the-shelf and bespoke work stadiums, work stations and storage solutions for all types of hobbies. Be it painting, model making, sewing, knitting, beadwork, jewellery making, fly tying (for fly-fishing) or any other of hobby, we have the solution for youOver and above the standard designed units our bespoke engineering design capabilities will ensure that you get the right solution that suits your individual applicationOur designs cover from permanent "Part of the Furniture" units through to portable "Take it on Holiday with you" type units All our designs are done in-house using the latest in CAD/CAM design and modelling software and the units are manufactured and precision cut on our CNC machineryAll our wood products are obtained only from suppliers using responsible sourcing practicesFor many hobbies the safe and secure storage of tools and materials is a problem. Our built-in storage compartment solutions on our workstations solves this by giving you ample safe and secure storage of your equipment and materials in a very organised manner so you can find what you want - when you want itThe use of a correct Ultimate Hobby Home suited to your hobby will benefit you in many waysWe also do wood carvings and model making of anything you may require. This is done via a process of generating vector drawings from any photographic source, changing the drawings into a 3D design and then reproducing it to within a accuracy of 0.1 of a mm and to any suitable scale required on our CNC engraving machinary . Start the process by sending us a photograph of anything you would like carved or modelled and we will do preliminaty design work and inform you of the price to reproduce it in a wood type of your choice. A variety of of other materials such as plastic's, foam's and other soft materials can also be used. On completion of the project you will be sent all the original design drawings and associated engineering information. This to ensure the originality of your model /carving and that any re-production can only be done using your consent. If required a confidentiality agreement will be signed up-front as well.


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Ultimate Hobby Homes Limited is a Registered Company in England and Wales